Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: Unique and Personalized Ways to Pop the Question to Your Bridal Party

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: Unique and Personalized Ways to Pop the Question to Your Bridal Party

First off, what is a bridesmaid proposal? There are so many different versions of this, now it has become whatever you make of it… Maybe it's a cute get-together of your closest friends to ask them to be part of your bridal party, lavish gifts and celebration to kick off the festivities, or simply a heartfelt note to your dearest.

Whatever you choose to do, asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a big commitment, not only from the bride but also from your bridal party. Often, bridesmaids are involved in planning and execution of the hen party or bridal shower. They play a massive part in your big day, including the morning before! Some brides have chosen to gift their bridesmaids at the very start of this journey of madness with a bridesmaid proposal.

If you google "bridesmaid proposal gifts," it is hard to wade through the myriad options out there. It can be hard to wade through all the suggested tat to find the real gems. Here is a great example: I actually loved and gifted my bridesmaids with little personalised champagne tumblers. They were very cute for that one picture on the hen party, then they simply were not used again and probably ended up in a cupboard with all the other personalised tumblers collected over years of hens.

So, we have asked our bridesmaids out there and whittled down some of our favourites:


Personalised Beach Towels: I have given and received these, and I honestly still use them. They are often lightweight, compact, easy to throw in a bag, and really cute for a group pic. Ranging from £8-25 on Etsy, there are a lot of options for different budgets.


Perfume Stick: This went over so well. You can find little clutch-friendly roll-ons which come in a massive range of scents. Selecting and giving based on likes/preferences and personality can be a really fun game, and they always smell delightful. Zara has a really great range, coming in at around £6 per stick!


Beach Bags: A resounding yes from the bridesmaids. These are probably geared towards hen parties or weddings in warmer climates. Personalised beach bags are a sweet way of highlighting your bride squad all weekend.


Candles: Is this the easiest gift? Maybe. Does it require a lot of thought and deep personal knowledge? No. But we all love candles. Anything from NEOM, White Company, or Diptyque if you're feeling super generous. A consumable that will be appreciated and used.


Altera Bridesmaid Proposal: Finally, how could we not mention our very own proposal? We send your bridesmaid their very own proposal cards, including a gift card to customise and tailor their own dress. You can set the colour, restrictions, or let them run wild, gifting them the experience of designing a dress they will cherish and be comfortable in.


Whatever your choose, however you decide to do it, it doesn't really matter about the gift, location or how much you spent. Asking someone to be part of something that means so much to you is such a special moment, cherish it and your friendships!


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