HOw to customise

All our dresses are customisable, choose colour, skirt, bra covering, and length.
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What can you change?


Choose your style

Start by checking out our tops: Halter, Strap and vest

Choose your colour

We have a wider range of colour for our custom dresses, for an even more personal touch check out our colour library

Customise your dress

Unleash your style by customising dress features to suit your taste and body shape, add a bra covering, change the skirt length and more!

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Make it perfect


Altera champions craftsmanship and that’s why we’re bringing you a seamless and high quality tailoring and repairs service to ensure your items can be loved for longer.

We partner with SOJO to cover bespoke tailoring and a repair on our items, whether you’re buying them now or they are already in your wardrobe. 

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Customise and tailor

The Halter

The Vest

The Strap