Introducing Altera: Redefining the World of Bespoke Fashion

Introducing Altera: Redefining the World of Bespoke Fashion

Innovative Brand Offers Tailor-Made Dresses with Unparalleled Customisation

London, 03 October 2023 – Today marks the launch of Altera, a revolutionary fashion brand that empowers individuals to embrace their uniqueness through the art of bespoke dressing. Founded on the principles of individuality, creativity, and inclusivity, Altera is set to disrupt the fashion landscape with its made-to-order dresses that celebrate personal style and diversity.

Crafting Elegance, One Dress at a Time

Altera specialises in creating made-to-order bespoke dresses, every piece is a masterpiece of personalised style. With a commitment to impeccable quality and exquisite fit, Altera takes personalised fashion to new heights. Our digital experience allows customers to not only choose a dress template but also customise various aspects of the dress, creating a garment that is a true reflection of their personality.

A Kaleidoscope of Colours

One aspect that sets Altera apart is its wide array of colour choices. Customers can opt for a colour from the brand's growing colour base or explore an extensive library of over 20 colours, enabling them to design a dress that perfectly complements their skin tone, occasion, and mood. This vibrant palette ensures that each dress is a unique work of art, tailored to the individual's vision.


Empowering Alterations

Altera goes beyond the boundaries of traditional customisation by offering an innovative alteration service. Once customers receive their custom-designed dress, they have the option to make further adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. From hemming and taking-in, to strap length modifications, our Altera-tion service ensures that the dress not only captures the customer's style but also flatters their body with a perfect fit.


Founded by Diversity, Driven by Passion

At the heart of Altera's success is its remarkable team—a small, diverse group of individuals who share a deep passion for fashion and self-expression. The brand proudly stands as a testament to female entrepreneurship, with a founder who has harnessed her vision to create a space where everyone can celebrate their uniqueness.

" Our mission is to bring bespoke fashion to everyone. We are here to break away from the cookie-cutter approach of fast fashion and offer individuals a canvas to express themselves which is more affordable than a tailoring service. Altera is not just a brand; it's a movement that embraces diversity, encourages creativity, and empowers each individual to be their authentic selves. I’m over the moon to. introduce our launch collection and excited about the possibilities our range will expand to in the near future” says Cheryl Patel, Founder of Altera.


Cheryl Patel (Founder) sitting on steps wearing ALT_103_Midi

Discover Your Alter Ego

Altera invites fashion enthusiasts and individuals who crave distinctive style to explore their collection and embark on a journey of self-expression. Discover the art of bespoke dressing like never before and indulge in the luxury of wearing a something that speaks volumes about who you are. 


Progress not perfection, our mission of sustainability

Altera uses a made-to-order model, creating timeless pieces which can be cherished throughout the seasons. This allows us to keep less stock and reduce waste, challenging the fast fashion, disposable clothing business. Of course all our dresses are handmade here in the UK.

Alongside this we also partner with SOJO for alterations and repairs, this means you can keep loving your dress longer and wear the perfect fit as a go to in your wardrobe. 

We are not perfect and we have our own sustainability roadmap and goals we want to reach (read more on our sustainability page). As we grow we will keep you updated on our progress. Transparency is the only way we can hold ourselves and all the other fashion houses accountable!
So join us on our journey and start making changes to create an ethical, sustainable fashion future. 

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