Autumn 2023 Wedding Guest edition

Autumn 2023 Wedding Guest edition

With peak wedding season and scorching heat on its way out (maybe…) like the changing leaves we turn our attention to warmer tones, cosier, more intimate weddings and new ways to stand out against the sea of sameness as a wedding guest.Altera presents a collection of dresses you can design to keep stylish, comfortable, and on-trend for the upcoming autumn weddings of 2023. 

  • Embracing Autumn Hues: Its the season of warm and earthy colours, which makes it the perfect opportunity to embrace rich and vibrant shades. From deep navy to elegant forest green, our made-to-order dresses offer a range of autumn-inspired colour options. Choose a shade that you love and add a touch of seasonal charm to your wedding guest attire.


  • Textures and Layers: Nowadays the weather is unpredictable at the best of times, autumn is perhaps the hardest to plan an outfit for. Incorporating textures and layers is both versatile and another chance to show off your personality. You can consider adding a stylish wrap, or a tailored blazer to complete your ensemble. These layers not only keep you warm but also add depth and dimension to your overall look.


  • Versatile Silhouettes: From warm afternoons into frosty evenings when designing your autumn wedding guest dress opt for  versatile silhouettes that transition seamlessly from day to evening events. Consider A-line dresses, floor length or flowy midi lengths that offer both elegance and comfort. These silhouettes allow you to move freely and dance the night away  while looking effortlessly chic throughout the day and into the evening.


  • Accessorising with Autumn Accents: Complete your autumn wedding guest look by accessorising with autumn accents. Add a touch of sparkle with metallic or jewel-toned accessories.


Embrace the charm of the season with our made-to-order dresses. Altera allows You to effortlessly design a look that combines style, comfort, and on-trend fashion. From embracing autumn hues and textures and accessorising with autumn accents, your wedding guest attire will make a lasting impression. Prepare to enjoy the enchantment of autumn weddings as you radiate confidence and elegance in your made-to-order dress.

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