What to wear under a satin silk dress

What to wear under a satin silk dress

Choosing what to wear under the dress can be just as important as the dress itself. Often an afterthought, or day before consideration… don’t be like me and have to emergency get underwear on the day of my wedding. 

For a satin dress it’s crucial to ensure you look your best and feel comfortable throughout the day. Satin can be unforgiving, certain cuts have the potential to show every line and wrinkle. Here are our ideas to help you select the perfect options under the perfect look.

Seamless Underwear: The Foundation 

Opting for seamless underwear you can avoid any visible lines (VPLs) under your satin dress. Look for a pair made from a smooth, lightweight fabric that fits snugly without constricting. Skin-toned underwear is preferred, as it will not show through!

Choosing the Right Bra: Strapless vs. Strap

  • Strapless Bras: Super are ideal for dresses with sleeveless or off-the-shoulder designs. Wear with our halter and strap dresses if you custom add a bra cover strap!! Ensure the bra fits well, offers enough support without slipping and is comfortable, those pesky wires can get annoying through the event. Look for options with a silicone grip along the edges to keep everything in place.
  • Strap Bras: If your dress has sleeves or wide straps (like our vest tops), you can wear a regular bra. Again, choose a colour that matches your skin tone to keep it invisible under your dress.

Considerations for Shapewear

Shapewear can smooth out any areas where you want extra support, such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. BUT we are always an advocate for flying free without restriction. Feel amazing with your body in your dress with out without shapewear. If you do decide to wear, choose a style that targets your specific needs, but make sure it’s comfortable enough to wear for hours. Too tight shapewear can be restrictive and may spoil your fun at the wedding.

We love Skims shapewear, it can be more comfortable and target better than the transitional brands like spanx. 

Additional Tips

  • Fabric and Breathability: Always choose undergarments made from breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable during long events.
  • Dress Rehearsal: TRY IT ON! The whole outfit, before the day. Check out your fit, accessories and def that underwear, not something you want to panic about on the day. 


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